Corporate communications

Reputation is a corporation’s most important asset alongside human resources.

It influences all the goals a company can set:

  • getting a higher stock assessment,

  • generating higher profit margins,

  • attracting and retaining the best employees,

  • finding strong business partners,

  • capturing both the attention and loyalty of customers,

  • securing the support of authorities and / or financial backers, and many others.

At the same time, reputation is a critical factor when it comes to the company’s ability to weather a crisis.

Our highly professional discrete teams help you build, manage and safeguard your corporate reputation. The rich portfolio of tools that we master is vital to achieve that. Yet to be able to reach the ultimate goal we establish a close working dialogue on a board-management level and help you craft a reputation strategy built on trust and dialogue with your audiences.

We measure our results rigorously and report progress as frequent as the program requires. You receive feedback and evaluation on the return of your investment.

Crisis & issues management

Companies today face communications challenges of a scale never seen before. Information flows worldwide and is interpreted continuously against the background of a world economic crisis. The way a company builds its image and communicates in times of crisis, can affect every aspect of its business.

In this environment we offer discrete, loyal teams with significant experience in crisis situations.

Perfect preparation is a key risks mitigation factor when it comes to critical communication. That is why we lead our clients through a strict preparation process including:

  • Crisis planning and preparedness

  • Risk analysis

  • Crisis simulation

  • Emergency response teams and crisis training

In case of both industry-specific and company-specific issues we ensure: 

  • Quick situation assessment

  • Immediate production of stakeholder messages and support materials

  • Professional assistance to obtain support and coordination from both regulatory & media



Most of our clients require complex coordination with authorities as well as regional company headquarters which we have the skills and patience to deliver. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

As high as 75 percent of the mergers and acquisitions do not achieve their desired results or are outright failures, and more than 30 percent of acquired firms are sold within five years*. And the soft factors such as corporate culture and communications are among the biggest failure / success factors.

We have experience representing both bidders and targets in numerous friendly mergers and acquisitions, unsolicited acquisition proposals and tender offers. Our clients use our expertise not just in the way in which the deal process works but also in the way a transaction is likely to be received by the media, the capital markets and all the other stakeholders.

We have put together a team of leading specialists in domestic and cross-border M&A who take an early and active role, working alongside management and other advisers to plan and execute communications in what is a difficult, highly exposed and highly regulated environment. Our network of regulatory and litigation experts allows us to support cross-border transactions.

Corporate restructuring

Corporate and financial restructurings require a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to communications. Distressed companies seek the support of their key constituencies for their plans to reorganize and rebuild, particularly as these plans usually require sacrifice. We are experienced at leading clients through this process. 
Our communication solutions in such case help manage the often competing interests of clients’ employees, customers, suppliers, investors, creditors, political and regulatory     officials and the media.

Our restructuring advisory team offers our clients expertise in bankruptcy, debt and equity markets, M&A, fraud and investigation, governance, litigation, regulatory and political advice, crisis management and business consulting.

* Source – US Government Accountability Office  

Market entry

We operate in a specific business and political environment which while generally favourable for inward investment often presents its characteristics and challenges. Our team has extensive market entry support experience for some of the largest projects in this region.

If you are considering expansion or opening a representative entity or just want to assess the available opportunities we shall quickly gather among the best experts in the relevant field to help you with:

  • intelligence gathering, perceptions audit and general research

  • stakeholder relations on a national and regional level

  • B2B and/or B2C market entry programs

  • legal environment overview and support

  • political guidance

Financial communications

In the frantic world of finance where credibility and image is everything especially in the current crisis communication plays a decisive role in company positioning.

We are especially good in financial communication through the business media and other major stakeholders to your financial audience. Our teams work closely with our clients to develop your business and investment story, helping the senior management to articulate it clearly through a detailed communications program. Then we ensure the story is disseminated concisely and consistently using regular announcements, ad hoc briefing programs, story placements, road shows and third party endorsements.

IPOs & Fundraising 
Our expertise is providing counsel to clients through the IPO and fund-raising process. Our specialists have provided advice to numerous clients on domestic, international and dual-listing situations. Typically we will work alongside financial and legal advisers from early on in the pre-IPO period to produce the communications strategy, messaging and materials - including web-based investor communications where permitted - and an ongoing investor relations and media program to support market perceptions, share price and liquidity post-listing.

Debt capital markets communications
We can help you communicate your credit story to bondholders, debt analysts, ratings agencies and investors. By creating a clear credit story, clients limit the possibility that problems with their debt affect their share price while also building a more loyal debt investor base. Non-rated clients can also use our assistance to seek credit ratings for the first time, developing a clear story through the ratings process and managing the communication of the eventual rating across all their audiences.

Evolving your credit story is another area where we can be of help:

  • managing the communication of any issues around debt or re-ratings - whether up or down

  • ensuring that at all times the client has the proper balance between debt and equity stories. 

In all our practice areas we adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards and comply with market transparency requirements. 

Working with us guarantees you access to specialists with in-depth sector experience and early warning of issues you may need to manage.

Employer branding

Employer branding is what people think of you as an employer.

It determines: 
o how readily people join your organization, 
o whether they give their best while they are with the organization, 
o how readily they choose to stay on with the organization or leave to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

And yet employer branding goes way beyond recruitment. If employees feel there is too great a difference between the message and daily experience of working within your organization, a degree of cynicism and lowered engagement in the work may appear.

We do not encourage our clients to put the cart before the proverbial horse and help them work on the outside image only after we have built the internal content. Our team ensures the support of the image with tangible action by working closely with your HR departments and management boards especially during change situations.

That is how we also reduce the money and intellectual firepower you spend on clever ads and recruiting campaigns. By working on actually delivering a fascinating work experience that makes a great employer brand possible. Once that is achieved and a compelling employer brand is built, your reputation acts like a talent magnet, drawing and retaining the best people to your organization.

Internal communications

Company’s employees are among the most powerful ambassadors of its image. They can either empower it, or ruin it badly through probably the most effective communication channel known as “the word-of-moth”. 


Yet this is not the strongest argument in favor of the need to communicate properly internally. It would have been, if it were not for the productivity (and its close link to motivation) which often sits higher on shareholders’ agenda.


  • Your communication and information flows need restructuring, or

  • Your management messaging seems to get lost on the way down, or

  • Lack of motivation is spreading like a disease and

  • You fail to attract and retain talent: 

These are areas where we can help. Regardless of whether you are in a calm and peaceful business period or in the middle of a controversial situation such as change management or crisis.


MB Comms. has extensive experience helping clients communicate effectively with their internal audiences while ensuring internal and external messages are consistent and complementary. Our specialists advise both on the right messages and the best means to deliver them effectively to employees while working closely with your in-house team.


If you want to use the power of B2B communications and get connected to the right targets in the enterprise sector – we can help you achieve that. We connect companies and create business opportunities. 

Targeting other businesses requires a different approach from consumer oriented efforts. That is why we run focused, well-planned communications campaigns that reach directly the decision makers within the business community of various sectors.

Our team members are some of the markets’ best experts in the business-to-business arena in banking and finance, telecommunications, energy and utilities, industrial production, technology software and hardware, real estate, automotive and transportation.

We are partnering with the most powerful and relevant business associations and can help you quickly find your way through them. 

Conferences, speaking opportunities, networking programs and business stakeholder programs are some of our key competences in this area. 

Institutional relations

Our team has more than 7 years of experience in public affairs and institutional relations gathered both internationally and in the country. If you require communications campaigns around public policy issues – we can provide professionalism, decision makers’ contacts and access to authorities’ representatives. We work with senior government advisers and political campaign staff who understand the context in which decisions are taken in government, the relative influence of the stakeholders involved and can advise on the most effective communication of a client's case. Contact our office or the crisis center and we shall design the stakeholder program if your business needs to:  

o Broaden public support for a particular position of public interest 
o Build a better understanding among relevant government audiences 
o Establish litigation support or awareness

In this area of critical communications it is essential to create teams with very specific skills and experience in the right jurisdiction. In each case, we bring together the appropriate mix of legal and communications experience to meet the client's particular needs. 


M B   C o m m s.   is a consultancy team of experts with a decade - long, rich local & international experience in:

  • Corporate communications

  • Financial & IR communications

  • Public affairs & institutional relations

  • Market entry support 

We build our relationships on trust and credibility and that applies not only to clients but to the whole spectrum of stakeholders. Our approach is reliable, flexible and with boutique measures to your particular case and audiences. We provide you with the best financial, legal and sector experts to make sure you are up to speed with the market developments. At the same time we have the necessary media and institutional relations to guide you through. 

Our sectors of expertise:

  • Industry & production

  • Energy

  • Banking and finance

  • Information technologies

  • Telecommunications

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Construction, development and real estate

  • FMCG & retail



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